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Incluye: Nombre, Edad, Cosas que te gustan/que no te gustan, Fandoms a los que perteneces, y “etc”.

Puedes incluir una imagen de 178px por 378px preferentemente.

Además incluye Blogroll.


 Includes: Name, Age, Likes/dislikes, Current Fandoms and “Etc”.

Includes an image, 178px by 378px preferably.

 It also includes Blogroll.

Por favor, no quites los créditos / Please do not remove the credits.

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Hi Shay, I'm using your "Lily" theme (#10) and I have a image as the background but it scrolls with the posts. Is there anyway I can fix this?

my html and faq tag should help you out!! but just add in: background-attachment:fixed;


hi, i know how bored is this question but you know what is the gradient from de 21 theme? Luv your blog 4ever
i just uploaded it because i don’t think i’ve posted it yet!! and thank you hehe!!

Hi Shay! I want to add another column to the Xandra page how would I do that? Thank you!
column isn’t possible without a lot of editing, so i suggest either adding another row or increasing the size of each image to fill up the page more if that why you’re looking to add another image!!

Hey shay, know any good navi page?
check out my page tag.

hi hi hi! for your theme 22, is it possible to change so the header isn't fixed and instead moves as you scroll??? thank uuuuu

yup!! just change to position:absolute instead of position:fixed!!


Hi love so i'm making a roleplay and i'm currently using your theme Nia and it's gorgeous, but once i'm done i feel like it's a little bit empty on the sides and i remember that deferral rp had some banners on the side and that space where the characters were and you made that. do you have a tutorial or anything that could help me out with adding such things to the theme?

yes!! in my html tag i have this post!!

you’ll regret me like the tattoos on your skin