babyvanessas 3k followers gif psd pack

To thank you all for following me, I decided to make another pack of gif psds. These are 8 psds that I made myself and usually use for my gifs. please like/reblog this post if you download the pack because it lets me know you used it. Love you x


2K followers pack


whats the rp?

you’ll see!! ;)

hiya!! i was wondering if you knew of a guide/post/etc. that has a bunch of like, character stereotypes? like "the princess", "the bad boy", etc? thank you in advance!!!


im slowly putting together an rp and ive got a theme and plot done but i’d really like another admin on board with me!! so if anyone is interested plspls message me <33

someone teach me how to smile

Hello, I decided to make this post to help you to find a good theme. These are the blogs that I find useful and recommend, really hope this helps you. All these blogs are active.   Please like or reblog this post to help more people :)

do you have another account or something?

yess i have a harry potter blog!!

hi shay!! who are your fav rph/rper blogs right now? :)

i don’t log into this account much anymore unfortunately, but i’m really loving mortezofrps atm?? iDK

do you know how people got their character page to be a certain way? like hollisrpg, how did they get the boxes just a page?

it’s this idea!

when do you think your theme makeovers will be done?

i hope you mean graphic requests, because theme makeovers r closed! i’ll work on em rn!