hi love! for your chara psd number 23, what size do you recommend for the gifs?

omg that was such a long time ago #throwback!  i think 160 x 160 will do, because the exact size doesnt matter once you put the gifs under the top layer!

Hi do you think you could help me out with finding faceless gifs of someone petting a dog, please? Oddly enough I'm having a hard time. I would appreciate it greatly.

i couldn’t find any, so i just made a few!


i spent the weekend exploring the world on google earth

Hi Shay! Could you do more page themes? That would be fantastic.


Hi there, Shay! Do you know of any free, safe screen recording websites? Thank you very much.

i don’t use any online screen recording websites, so i’m not sure if these are 100% safe! what i use is youcam which is a program that came with my computer, so maybe you should check first to see if your computer has a screen recording software already!


[ HOLLOWS CHARACTER PSD by LeahAssists ] —— This is the original Hollows graphics I used for the characters bios that a few people were asking for. I used shayofrps gradient and just edited to suit the role play at the time so feel free to do the same. This works best with a smaller group as there is a number involved but you can always take that out and replace it with another image. 

  • The fonts used for this graphic were ballpark and code bold, both of which you will need to download from dafonts.com or another font resource site.
  • Dimensions are your standard character graphics of 245x245. You can make them longer or change the sizing to whatever you need. 
  • There is NO PSD on this graphic, I use a sharpening method which if you choose not to use a psd I can show you how to do if you ask nicely. Most of my Character PSDs will not have PSD editing on them.
  • Do not copy/repost my graphics or edit and repost, these were from my role play so they will be recognized if reused and posted for your own gain. 


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i’ve been meaning to do this for ages and i know 400 followers isn’t a lot but considering the fact that i’ve only had this blog for less than three months, i still think it’s pretty much amazing. i’ve also made the coolest friends while having this blog so i guess this is a nice way of saying thank you to everyone who follows me for making my day cool, and everyone i follow for making my dash cool. these are all in alphabetical order, so don’t u think i love you any less because you’re at the end of the list ok!! i love you!!


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queenseelie’s theme #6 :: electric

version one (version two)

live preview | download

  • four custom links
  • sidebar image width is 179px (any height)
  • 400px posts 

please like or reblog if you use the theme! x

don’t remove the credit or use as a base, ty

what size is the picture on your latest theme?

it’s 850 x 200px!