Hi Shay! I'm trying to do non-gradient graphics and I'm having trouble finding the right psd. Are there any certain types that I should look for?

yup! look at the image that you have, and find a psd which fits it. the preview for the psd should have similar colors, so that you’re sure that it works out! i love love her psds!

Hi Shay! Can I get a shoutout for coadmins? I'm opening a college bio rp and the help would be terrific. Thank you.Xx

Do PSDs work on gimpshop?

psds do open in gimp, yes. at least the last time i checked, about a year ago haha!

Could you please tell me how you add a gradient over a gif?

yes! in photoshop, you just drag the gradient layer over the top layer of the gif!


aw ily2!


Character Graphic Psd - 9
  • Just a very simple character graphic that can be used on any kind of roleplay.
  • The font used is Helvetica.
  • Make sure the image in the right is long enough that it reached the b/w part at the very bottom.
  • This psd requires a beginner to moderate understanding of photoshop to use, but I am always willing to assist.
  • Like/Reblog if you plan on using, and do not hesitate to ask me any questions when editing! I’d love to see what you do with them!
  • Do not claim as your own, and credit me somewhere in your roleplay for it.



❝ normani kordei gif hunt ❞

under the cut, you’ll find a total of 207 hq gifs of normani kordei. none of the gifs below were created by me, full credit to the original makers. feel free to give it a like/reblog if you please.


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html / formatting tips.


SO I TOTALLY JUST  read impossibleimprobable's post about formatting being a pain. let me give you secrets.

first and foremost (SMALL FONT!!)
→ install tamper ( grease ) monkey for chrome / firefox / whatever 
→ download my personal script here where i fixed the last owners mistakes
→ install script to tampermonkey as detailed here (the script they link to IS NOT WORKING, use the one i fixed above)
→ enjoy pressing one button to get a small font.
→hint: keep your text from looking too small on your blog. 

→ big text? just write < big > and < / big > after words you want to not be small. Are the words big but not big like other peoples? make sure your < big > isn’t inside the < small > bracket that your new button makes!!

to break a sentence
with no spaces, or double line formatting.
press (shift + enter)

to make
         sentence   like t h i s
press (shift + enter) and then the space bar to make your word go as far as you want it to.

to underline with out using the ‘hyperlink’ tool, just select the word after you’ve type your whole reply and press (ctrl + u). you can also press (ctrl +b) bold (ctrl + i) italics.

HAVE A SYMBOL YOU WANT TO PASTE OR WORDS BUT  don’t want to get those terrible < span > tags around things, then just past using (shift + ctrl + v) this strips pasted things of all text formatting, therefore they take the parent tags of whatever coding is right before them. aka  no more weird formatting in the middle of things. { symbol masterpost }

→last but not least.
utilize the memorization of certain ALT tags. 
do you want to make cool dashes like this? — instead of -
press ( alt + 0151 )

→ want to make this cool arrow sign? press (alt + 26) a ♥? (alt +3)

→ cool fonts? just copy and paste from here.  ( you can even do [ ctrl + shift + v ] and remove former formatting because that ‘cool’ font is actually unicode that’s built into most computers. just beware SOME might appear as blocks to other people. because they lack the compatibility language packs.

@PEOPLE WHO THINK ITS OK TO HATE ON GRADIENTS!! who the fuck gave u the right!! its literally a coloring on a graphic there’s no need to be pretentious af and insist that only non gradient mains look ‘professional’ like wow i didn’t know that was the only thing that mattered!! just like there are not so nice gradients there are also not so beautiful psds it’s not that just because you don’t have a gradient on your graphics that makes them magically x100 more beautiful?? a psd can hide imperfections in graphics (ie. ‘shitty blending :)))) just like a gradient can so who are you to nit pick?? just because something doesnt have a gradient on it doesnt mean the rp is anymore high class or whatever u wanna call it thanksss :))))))

do you think you'll do more page themes in the future?? bc i love all of ur page themes it's unreal ok

ah yes of course i can!!! and thank you soso much haha <33